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Type 2-T1 (Split windows) M-PLATES decoding


Type 2-T1 1959-1967 (MPlate)


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M-Plate content

Model Type 2 (T1) mod. 264 :
- Single-cabin pick-up
- Lugguage compartment left
Chassis number 422286
Serial number 26422286
Model year 1959
Planned production date December 22 ,1958
Type of engine Type 1 - 1192cc, 30 kW (40 ch DIN)
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color No paint, vehicle in primer
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) 80 - Grey
Destination South Africa
List of option codes (M-Codes) 08 78 108 178 367

Known M-Codes

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
078 Primer paint Pick-up

108 Camping Equipment (Westfalia SO-42) "without side windows" (5 louvered windows instead of all solid/popout windows) Westfalia SO42 kit

178 RPM limiter - 1200cc engine
367 Package including M361 plus M20, M24,M90,M142, M175
  020 MPH speedometer Export

  024 Sealed beam head lamps and red tail lights USA, Canada

  024 Sealed beam head lamps and red taillights, side turn signals, back up lights Export

  090 Windscreens with safety laminated glass Export

  142 Side windows of safety laminated glass Kombi, Microbus, Export

  142 Sliding door on both sides  
  168 88 ampere/hour battery (6V)  
  175 Ram protection (bumper with guards) Except types 26

  181 Chrome hubcaps  
  192 Body ready to be outfitted as a camper  
  199 Seat belt mounting points  
  199 Swivel driver's seat Panel Van, Camper, Kombi. Also used on Flipseat Westfalia campers


Unknowns M-Codes

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