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Type 2-T3 (Transporter) from 1980 M-STICKERS decoding


Type 2-T3 1979-1992 (MSticker)

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M-Plate content

Model Type 2 (T3) mod. 253 :
- Kombi
- Cargo door right
Chassis number VW2zzz25 z LH021713
Serial number 021 713
Model year 1990
Planned production date Wednesday, 11 October 1989
Type of engine JX - Turbo Diesel - 1588cc, 51 kW (70 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission ASS - Manual 5-speed gearbox
Paint color
LD5T -  Star Blue Metallic
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) 39 - Upholstery in diagonal Blizzard fabrics and platinum velvet / Gray and black dashboard
Destination Greece
List of option codes (M-Codes) 058 183 254 318 355 526 558 561 571 RCE

Known M-Codes

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
058 Front bumper and spoiler-in model as "Carat"
183 Lap belts in passenger compartment 247-256

24-B-000 001
254 Curtains in cabin (with snap closure) 253-256

318 Changed muffler for Syncro TD
355 Fitted whith 1,6 liter Turbo Diesel engine 51kW, Code JX
526 Deluxe version "Caravelle" 255

558 Prepared for 2nd 64Ah battery with relay
561 Vents wings in cab doors
571 Rear fog light 245-256

RCE Gamma radio (from '89) with screen-integrated aerial
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