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List of paint codes for Type 2 T1

Paint Code Sales Code Preview Name Start End
L456 11
  Ruby Red
L360 12
  Sea Blue
L87 13
  Pearl White
L289 17
  Blue White
L680 18
  Cumulus White
L512 38
  Velvet Green
L31 40
  Dove Blue
L345 41
  Light Grey
L380 42
  Turquoise 1961 1964
L282 42
  Lotus White 1966 1967
L325 43
  Mouse Grey 1961 1964
L555 43
  Titian Red
L472 44
  Beige Grey
L53 45
  Sealing Wax Red
L567 46
L21 L21
  Pearl Grey
L28 L28
L312 L312
  Palm Green
L346 L346
  Mango Green
L347 L347
  Seagull Grey
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