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Bay windows M-PLATES uncoding


1970-1979   Forum link to my M-Plate


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M-Plate content
Model *** Unknown ***
Planned production date
Tuesday, 13 June 0
Number for production planning
 (temporary serial number)
Type of engine *** Unknown ***
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color Color upper part : L20B -  Brillant Orange
Color lower part : L20B -  Brillant Orange
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) LN - *** Unknown ***
Destination The Netherlands

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
050 Dual circuit and hand brake control light 211-274
085 Filled in factory with double amount of petrol (used for driving on and off the train, for example)
120 Without mountings for seat and safety belts in cargo compartment
123 Special suppression of radio reception equipment 211-274, Export Markets
123 Unparasited engine
506 With brake servo and dual circuit brake warning light (LHD) 211-271
697 "Continental" tyres
912 Without constructor plate

Unknowns M-CODES

8 246 040
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