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Bay windows M-PLATES uncoding


1970-1979   Forum link to my M-Plate


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M-Plate content
Model *** Unknown ***
Planned production date
Wednesday, 15 December -1
Number for production planning
 (temporary serial number)
Type of engine *** Unknown ***
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color Color upper part : L90D -  Pastel White
Color lower part : L90D -  Pastel White
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) 77 - *** Unknown ***
Destination Germany, Bad Kreuznach

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
093 Vent wing in rearside window opposite the sliding door
172 Radial steel-belted tires (185 SR 14)
172 Tubeless steel-ply tires
184 Three-point seat belt retractable 211-268
186 Safety belts for rear bench seat in passenger compartment
506 With brake servo and dual circuit brake warning light (LHD) 211-271
Z01 Bad weather package comprising: Interval wiper facility, halogen fog lamps, rear fog lamp

Unknowns M-CODES

8 246 044
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