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Type 2-T3 (Transporter) from 1980 M-STICKERS decoding


Type 2-T3 1979-1992 (MSticker)

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M-Plate content

Model Type 2 (T3) mod. 253 :
- Kombi
- Cargo door right
Chassis number WV2za025 9 CH138320
Serial number 138 320
Model year 1982
Planned production date Monday, 17 May 1982
Number for production planning
 (temporary serial number)
Type of engine CV - Aircooled (Type 4 - CV) - 1970cc, 51 kW (70 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission DK - Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color
L567 -  Ivory
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) KW - Green Brown
Destination *** unknown ***
List of option codes (M-Codes) 060 764 D21 D45 D82 D86 P27

Known M-Codes

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
060 Parking heater Eberspacher BA6 or DA6
764 Conversion kit for California version for European operation (253)
P27 Camper Deluxe Package with:
- 2 passenger seat bench, fold-down, converting to a bed (lower level)
- Storage space with 40 liter water tank below
- 3 way regrigerator
- 2 berner propoane stove
- 40 liter water tank
- Dry chemical fire extinguisher

Unknowns M-Codes

D21 D45 D82 D86
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